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Newly launched PDFpen 10 will up your PDF game with watermarks, headers & footers, and for Pro users, batch OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Try version 10 today!

PDFpen and PDFpenPro offer all the standard PDF editing tools you’ve come to know and love:
  • Add signatures, text, and images
  • Make changes and correct typos
  • OCR scanned docs
  • Fill out forms
  • Export to MS Word
  • And so much more…
Version 10 offers a whole new slew of advanced features to power you through your PDF-manipulations:
  • Add text and image watermarks with opacity and rotation controls, as well as custom page range options. Use watermarks to identify draft or confidential in-house documents, assert copyright, or clarify intended distribution.
  • Apply header and footer text with options for customizing page position, font, and page range.
  • PDFpenPro 10 offers batch OCR for turning multiple scans into searchable documents all at once.

We’ll let the video finish showing you around.

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