PDFpen 8.2 Adds iCloud Sync for Smile Store Purchasers, Tabbed Windows on Sierra

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PDFpen 8.2 Adds iCloud Sync for Smile Store Purchasers, Tabbed Windows on Sierra

San Francisco, CA – October 5, 2016 – Smile, the developer of productivity applications for Mac®, iPhone® and iPad®, has released PDFpen 8.2, an update to its all-purpose PDF editing tool for Mac. This version adds iCloud sync for users who purchased from the Smile store, and supports tabbed windows on macOS Sierra.

PDFpen and PDFpenPro 8.2 now show the PDFpen section of the user’s iCloud Drive in the open dialog for users who purchased from Smile directly. The PDFpen Library now syncs automatically via iCloud for all users. The Library also syncs with PDFpen for iPad & iPhone.

“We are delighted to bring features which were formerly limited to our Mac App Store versions to all of our customers,” said Greg Scown, Smile Founder. “All users of PDFpen or PDFpenPro now have access to iCloud sync, and their PDFpen Library syncs on all of their devices. We’re thrilled that Apple has made this possible.”

PDFpenPro and PDFpen 8 work with PDFpen for iPad & iPhone version 2, allowing seamless editing across devices when used with Dropbox storage or iCloud Drive.

PDFpen retails for US $74.95, PDFpenPro for $124.95. Family Pack licenses, which cover up to five computers in one household, are $94.95 for PDFpen and $149.95 for PDFpenPro. Office Pack licenses start at $224.95 for PDFpen (5 users) and $349.95 for PDFpenPro (5 users).

Upgrades from earlier single user versions of either application are US $30, and free to users who purchased on or after January 1, 2016. Upgrades from previous versions of PDFpen to PDFpenPro 8 are $50. Upgrade pricing for Family Packs and Office Packs is found on our web store: http://smle.us/store

PDFpen 8 and PDFpenPro 8 run on macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and require macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or later. For macOS 10.9 (Mavericks), see our website for compatible earlier PDFpen versions. Demo versions are available at https://smilesoftware.com/PDFpen/download. Full versions of PDFpen and PDFpenPro are also available for purchase on Apple’s Mac App Store.

What’s New in PDFpen 8.2:
– Syncs your Library via iCloud for Smile store purchasers
– Syncs Library with PDFpen for iPad & iPhone for Smile store purchasers
– Supports tabs on macOS Sierra (10.12)
– Other fixes and improvements

Features Specific to PDFpenPro:
– Add and delete file attachments and annotations (new)
– Create Portfolio documents, combining related files together (new)
– Export in Microsoft® Excel (.xlsx) offline (new)
– Choose widget styles for radio buttons and checkboxes (new)
– Rearrange tab order of form fields via sidebar drag and drop (new)
– Create cross-platform fillable PDF forms including interactive signature fields and email or web submission buttons
– Create and edit Table of Contents
– Convert websites into PDFs
– Correct typos in OCR text layer
– Add and edit document permissions
– Automatic form creation makes existing PDF forms fillable
– Gather submitted form data via backend integration
– Export to Microsoft® PowerPoint (.pptx) and PDF Archive (PDF/A) formats (requires Internet connection)

– Add text, images and signatures to PDF
– Correct text in original PDF with editable text blocks
– Fill out interactive PDF forms and sign them
– Redact or erase text, including OCR text
– Search and redact text; search and replace text
– Export in Microsoft® Word format (.docx) while offline
– Scan directly from Image Capture or TWAIN scanners
– Perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on scanned documents
– Viewable OCR layer for proofing OCR text from scanned pages
– Adjust resolution, color depth and contrast, skew, and size of an image or scanned document
– Sign PDF forms via interactive signature fields
– Digitally sign documents using AATL certificates, create and sign with self-signed certificates, validate digital signatures
– Insert and remove pages; re-order pages in a PDF by drag & drop; combine PDFs
– Move, resize, copy and delete images in original PDF
– Save PDFs directly to Evernote
– Preview and extract file attachments and annotations
– Record and playback audio annotations
– Copy and paste rich text; retain fonts and formatting when copying from PDFs, including columns
– Context-sensitive popup-menus enable quick edits
– Add (and print) notes and comments
– Mark up documents with highlighting, underscoring and strikethrough
– Save frequently-used images, signatures, objects and text in the Library
– Apply business-related and sign here stamps via the Library
– Print notes and comments with or without the original text
– Print a list of all annotations along with the document
– Full screen mode, as well as zoom to document width and zoom to actual document size
– Password protect a document with up to 256-bit AES encryption
– Compatible with iCloud Drive
– Sync Library items with PDFpen for iPad and iPhone via iCloud
– Automate PDF manipulations with AppleScript
– Available in English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish

macOS 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan), or 10.12 (Sierra).

PDFpen Pricing:
US $74.95
Family Pack: $94.95 (home use; up to 5 computers in one household)
Office Pack: starts at $224.95 for 5 users
Single user upgrade from earlier versions of PDFpen: $30
Upgrade pricing for Family Packs and Office Packs: http://smle.us/pdfpenup
(Free upgrades for purchases made on or after January 1, 2016; no free upgrades available in the Mac App Store)

PDFpenPro Pricing:
US $124.95
Family Pack: $149.95 (home use; up to 5 computers in one household)
Office Pack: starts at $349.95 for 5 users
Single user upgrade from earlier versions of PDFpenPro: $30
Upgrade pricing for Family Packs and Office Packs: http://smle.us/pdfpenproup
(Free upgrades for purchases made on or after January 1, 2016; no free upgrades available in the Mac App Store)

Single user upgrade from previous version of PDFpen to PDFpenPro 8: $50

Site licenses: PDFpen $1249.95, PDFpenPro $1624.95
Site license terms: Single contact for support; single physical address or company with fewer than 1,000 employees. Visit our site license store:

For more information about PDFpen, please visit:

Press Kit:

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