Countdown to Macworld: Day 9

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Here we are in 2011. We switched back to a kiosk, because of the convenience. It takes a lot of work to put together a full booth! You might notice we look less tired this year. 

In the photo: Brian, Edward, Jean, Jordan, Greg. Jordan Satok was one of our support geeks back then. He's deferred going to college to run his own company, App Hero, and raise venture funding. It was great having him at the booth that year.

Philip, Maia, and Angel were also working the booth in 2011, but somehow we missed getting them in a group photo…

Remember to tweet your birthday greetings (tagged #smile10) and/or share them via Facebook comments. Every day until the opening day of Macworld, we'll be giving out some prizes to random tweeters and commenters. Today's prize is winner's choice: you pick the app (or the swag) you'd like to have. 

Smile 2011