First Annual SmileOnMyMac WWDC Party

First Annual SmileOnMyMac WWDC Party

Last night, we held our First Annual SmileOnMyMac WWDC Party:

From left to right: Philip Goward (SmileOnMyMac), Jean MacDonald (SmileOnMyMac), Ken Case (OmniGroup), Chris Saldanha (Parliant), Jayson Adams (Circus Ponies), Alberto Ricci (Ovolab), and Kevin Hayes (Parliant). [Photo taken by Greg Scown (SmileOnMyMac).]

A little background on our fellow developers:

OmniGroup, based in Seattle, ships several wonderful products, including the new OmniPlan. My personal favorite is OmniDiskSweeper, which I use regularly to clean up my hard drive.

Parliant produces the productive PhoneValet Message Center, which integrates with our PageSender fax software. They’re based in Ottawa, Canada.

Circus Ponies makes the acclaimed Notebook software for outlining and organizing ideas. I learned that Notebook was originally written on NEXTSTEP and resurrected for Mac OS X. I learned that Jayson and I share the same alma mater.

Ovolab offers the Phlink, which brings your telephone into the Digital Hub and also integrates with PageSender. They’re based in Turin, Italy (that’s Torino in Italian).

We had a lot of fun chatting with our fellow Mac OS X developers, and we all look forward to the Second Annual SmileOnMyMac WWDC Party.