Smile @ Slack Frontiers conference

Frontiers sign

We’re big fans of Slack for team communication here at Smile. You can read some of our tips over on our TextExpander blog.

So, we were excited to be part of Slack’s first conference, Slack Frontiers, where we could soak up the productivity tips, and meet other efficient teams. Slack did not disappoint.

Shout out to the Slack team for all their hard work, and shout out to all our new friends. (Because, why go to a conference, if you don’t make any friends?)


There was a great mix of speakers whose talks ranged from inspirational to nuts and bolts solutions and examples.


From inspiring keynote speakers explaining how the Enlightenment may have been due to the introduction of coffee shops to Europe to how companies require greater diversity of thought in order to stay competitive, we began and ended with a bang. Some takeaways: open your mind, be creative about your solutions, be deliberate in your process, hire veterans.

For the practical, there are over 1000 integrations which Slack now supports, so make Slack your home base to keep an eye on everything, in one place, no matter your department.


Healthy teams are happy teams.

avoid bad meetings

And of course, snacks.

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