The Really Big Apple

Jean at the NYC Apple Store

Bob Dylan exhibit at the Morgan, Steve Reich at Carnegie Hall), and a moment of pure geek tourism: visiting the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. The Apple logo was red in honor of the Project (RED) iPod. The entrance is very groovy, with the whole underground thing. You can take a cylindrical glass elevator car or a glass spiral staircase down to the main floor. My friend Barbara bought an iPod case. I didn’t buy anything. (With no sales tax in my home state, so I almost never buy something in NYC I can get in Portland…) Barbara gave me her Apple Store 5th Avenue bag. That’s what good friends are for. (They’re also for snapping really touristy photos of you on busy streets without complaining.) The depressing part of the visit was across the street: The Plaza Hotel under scaffolding, destined to metamorphose into “elegant private residences”. Ugh. As far as I’m concerned, the only one who should be allowed to actually live at the Plaza is Eloise, of course.