Smileworthy: Default Folder X

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Default Folder X, developed by St. Clair Software, is a great way to maneuver through your files and folders. Here is what our QA guy has to say about it. (Hint: He uses lots of documents.) 

I was introduced to Default Folder X in 2006. Since then it’s been an integral piece of my day. Each time I open or save a file, Default Folder X is there to greet me, letting me choose an application and set the location of my preferred ‘default’ folder for it. 

For example, when I choose File > Open or File > Save from the PDFpen menu, the file dialog is relative to my “PDFDOCS” folder. A few of my most used features are a list of ‘Favorites’ which can quickly be added to the Default Folder X sidebar, in case the default folder isn’t the one I need, and ‘Folder Sets’ which I create for tasks like making how-to tutorials and testing PDFs in PDFpen.

After 8 years I’m still not using all of the available features, but Default Folder X makes me more productive each time I open or save a file – and that is priceless, and absolutely Smileworthy.

– Jonathan, Smile Support / Quality Assurance