Smileworthy: Tower 2

Tower, developed by German team fournova, is a favorite of the Smile team engineers. Many of them have been using Tower for years, and love the version 2 update.

If you work on code and need Git version control, check out Tower. Here’s what our engineers have to say.

I appreciate Tower 2 for its clean appearance. I particularly like the way its commit, conflict, and stash workflows speed me along without getting in my way. – Greg, Founder

Tower’s interface is intuitive and easy to use. It makes navigating source control easy so that I can focus on what I enjoy doing, writing apps. – Grey, iOS Developer

Tower is the most comprehensive Mac app I’ve found for working with Git. It focuses on how to perform tasks in Git, instead of just mapping buttons to particular Git commands. – Colin, iOS Developer

As many developers know, Git is not always straightforward, Tower dispels the mystery. – Philip, Founder