TextExpander Adds Encryption at Rest


While new features in an app are obvious signs of how we’re working to make TextExpander better, we also do a lot of work behind the scenes. While much of that work remains unrecognized outside the company (sorry, engineers), occasionally there’s something worth bringing to public attention. A few of these updates to our web app include robust shared snippet usage statistics for Teams, support for multiple email addresses attached to your account, import and export of snippet files, and publicly shared snippet groups in Public Groups.

In our most recent TextExpander server update, we added encryption at rest for your snippet data. This has been a much-requested feature by our security-minded customers, and we’re pleased to announce it’s here.

Now, the TextExpander database supports encryption at rest, which ensures all data is encrypted when stored on the database server’s filesystem. This is a comparable degree of protection to other services you’re familiar with, such as Dropbox, Google Docs, and iCloud.

Thank you as always for all your feedback. We look forward to enlightening you as new and exciting things come.

You can find full details on our security practices on our site.

You can keep up-to-date with the state of our server at Status.textexpander.com.