TextExpander Adds Per-Group Snippet Prefixes


With group prefixes, you can assign a unique abbreviation prefix for each snippet group.

This is a fast and easy way to organize and distinguish one group of snippets from another, something we’ve talked about before on our blog.

What are group prefixes? For example, for that group of snippets you’ve made to communicate with your tax lawyer you can create a prefix such as “tax;” for complete snippet abbreviations of “tax;receipts” and “tax;needextend.” For that group of snippets you’ve created of all the company URLs you visit and share with people, you can assign “//” as the prefix, a helpful indicator that you are using a snippet for a website, such as “//wiki” or “//youtube.”

How to set up a group prefix:

  1. Open the Group Settings of the group you want to add a prefix to. From the Mac or Windows apps, click on the name of a snippet group from the Groups list.
    From iOS, click on the Info button in line with the name of the group. From the web, open a group to the Settings tab.
  2. Type in a group prefix. If it is a shared group, you will also see an option to enter a group prefix just for you, which will override the shared prefix.

Sharing a group with your Team

You should all communicate and agree on the best prefix for the group.

Prefixes which interfere with your snippets

If your Team shares a group with you, and those prefixes interfere with some of your other snippets, you can override the shared prefix with one of your own. Set your own local prefix in the Group Settings.

To use group prefixes

Make sure you have the latest versions of our apps

  • TextExpander for Mac 6.2 or later
  • TextExpander for Windows 1.1.6 or later
  • TextExpander for iPhone & iPad 4.3 or later

To check for updates:

  • On Mac and Windows open the Preferences to the Updates tab and click Check for update.
  • On iOS, open the App Store to the Updates tab, and click Update next to TextExpander.