TextExpander.com Adds Online Import / Export

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New TextExpander Import We recently added the ability to import and export snippet groups on TextExpander.com. If you’re using TextExpander for Windows, this is how you can import new groups, or transfer them from another text expansion app for Windows. Import/export on TextExpander.com benefits users of TextExpander for macOS and TextExpander for iPad & iPhone, as well. While TextExpander for macOS could import groups before, with TextExpander.com import, you can import snippets with multiple lines, as we explain below. To import snippets:
1. Sign in to app.textexpander.com
2. Click on your avatar at the upper right
3. Select My Account
4. Click on  Import / Export The

Import tab is selected, and you can click Choose Files or drag your files to the dotted line box to import them. TextExpander.com supports importing TextExpander files (.textexpander) and comma-separated value (.csv) files. If you want to make a CSV file from a list of shortcuts you have, you can in Excel or Numbers. Create a spreadsheet with your snippet abbreviations in the first column and snippet content in the second column. You can export that from Numbers or Excel in CSV format, then you can import the resulting file into TextExpander. [Pro tip: To import labels, use the third column.] Let’s say you have a snippet which spans multiple lines. Until recently, TextExpander had no way to import such snippets. Now, all you have to do is enclose such lines in quotation marks (“). For example, here’s a multi-line snippet with an abbreviation of ‘sigsales’:



Lisa ""Leslie"" Newton
Acme Labs Inc. Corp.",

If your abbreviation, snippet content, or label already contains quotation marks, you simply double them, so “Leslie” becomes “”Leslie””. Both Numbers and Excel will automatically do this for you when exporting in CSV format. To export snippets:

  1. Sign in to app.textexpander.com
  2. Click on your avatar at the upper right
  3. Select My Account
  4. Click on  Import / Export
  5. Click the Export tab
  6. Locate the group you wish to export
  7. Click the export icon () to the far right of the group name You can only export groups on which you have Edit access. If you want to export a group that is Read Only for you, check with one of the TextExpander group’s admin. The Admin, as well as the others who share the group, are all listed in the group’s Share tab on TextExpander.com. TextExpander.com exports in

comma-separated value (CSV) format. We welcome your feedback on online import and export. Write us and let us know what you think.