TextExpander for Chrome V1 is Now in Public Beta

Today we’re launching TextExpander for Chrome v1, in public beta. Chromebook users can get it today on the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Web Store

We are excited cross-device-users and cross-device teams can now get TextExpander on desktop, with TextExpander on Chrome, Mac and Windows, plus…

Linux users can use the TextExpander for Chrome extension in the Chrome browser.

TextExpander now on Chrome!

Even though TextExpander for Chrome is in beta, it has all the things you need to get work done. Expansion works great everywhere from Gmail to Google Docs and you’ve got your most important shortcut, the inline search (⌃.).

Details: – TextExpander for Chrome is included with your TextExpander account, along with apps for Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad.
– Your default search shortcut is Control+Period (⌃.) though you can adjust it in your keyboard shortcut settings chrome://extensions/shortcuts.
– Edit Snippets and Options by heading to the TextExpander icon next to Chrome’s Omnibox.

New to TextExpander?

TextExpander eliminates the need to type things over and over. Using a quick search or abbreviation, instantly insert snippets of text from a personal or shared repository of boilerplate, emails and other content. For example, type “em1” and it expands to your email address of “email@companyemail.com”.

Sign up for an account on TextExpander.com to try it for 30 days.