TextExpander touch 3.5: Sync with iCloud Drive, JavaScript snippets

TextExpander touch 3.5 is now available. Sync and store your snippets using any folder on Dropbox or iCloud Drive. We’ll tell you how to set that up below.

Now you can search your snippets and abbreviations.

To update look in the Purchases tab of the App Store, tap Updates, then tap Update next to TextExpander 3.5.

TextExpander 5 for Mac is coming soon with support for the new Dropbox and iCloud Drive sync. Please update to TextExpander touch 3.5 to take full advantage of new sync options.

What’s New in Version 3.5:

  • Sync snippets using iCloud Drive
  • Sync snippets using any Dropbox folder
  • Search snippets and abbreviations
  • Create JavaScript snippets
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Setup New Sync:

  1. Open TextExpander’s Settings and tap Sync Snippets.
  2. Click Save Snippets As… under iCloud Drive or Dropbox.
  3. Select a folder to store your snippets.

Make sure to update your other devices.

  1. On your second device open TextExpander’s Settings to Sync Snippets.
  2. Tap on Link To Snippets… under Dropbox or iCloud Drive, whichever you used before.
  3. Locate your Settings.textexpandersettings file and select it. 

If you have an older version of TextExpander touch (3.2.4 or earlier), or TextExpander for Mac (4 or earlier), then you need to keep using the Older Version Dropbox sync.