New PDFpen 3 For iOS 11

We are thrilled to announce… PDFpen 3 Your PDF editor for iPad and iPhone PDFpen 3 is made for iOS 11, utilizing Apple’s native Files interface making document management easier than ever. Version 3 also supports drag and drop, making it easy to get text and images into and out of your PDFs. Free Upgrade… Read More »

Case Study: Tim Ferriss & PDFpen

Apparently, people like the idea of a short work week, the shorter, the better. That helped Tim Ferriss’s first book, The 4-Hour Body, become a huge best-seller. An authority on working smarter, not harder, Tim is always looking for a better way to do things. For the promotion of his new book, The 4-Hour Body,… Read More »

How To Remove Sensitive Information from PDFs with Redaction

Whenever you have a PDF you need to share, which contains some information that you do not want to share, you can remove that information using redaction. For example, one side effect of the Affordable Care Act is an increase in dependent eligibility audits for employer-sponsored health care. These audits often require you to produce… Read More »