Adding the Emoji Group to TextExpander

In the latest version of TextExpander [ download ], we added a new Predefined Group of snippets that you can add to your snippet library: emoji. 

In case you’re note familiar, emoji is the Japanese term for the ideograms, or “smileys” used in text messages and elsewhere. According to Wikipedia, the word literally means “picture” (e) + “letter” (moji). The characters are used much like emoticons, but there are many more emoji, which depict a vast range of items and emotions.

If you want to add the new Emoji group, it’s simple. Just go to the File menu, and choose Add Predefined Group > Emoji. The abbreviations follow a standard, with a colon before and after the emoji name. (Example: 🙂 inserts a smiley face.) If the emoji has two words, there is a space between the words. (Example: :space invader: inserts a little character from the classic arcade game.)

There are 247 emoji in the group. If you don’t see your favorite, let us know.