All About Suggested Snippets

suggestions window

Our favorite new feature of TextExpander 5 is suggested snippets.


As you type, TextExpander will let you know what you type the most, and suggest you make it into a snippet.

You may have noticed these suggestions appearing in the corner of your screen through Notification Center.


To locate these suggested snippets open the TextExpander window to the “Suggested Snippets” group.


Keep, drop, or delete the suggestions:

  • Keeping a suggestion means adding an abbreviation to it to complete the snippet. You can then move it into another group for better organization. Click the “Keep” button to keep it.
  • Dropping a suggestion means that TextExpander will never, ever, suggest it again. This is not the same as deleting a suggestion. Click the “Drop” button to drop it.
  • Deleting a suggestion means you remove that suggestion. TextExpander may suggest that same snippet again. Select the suggestion then press the Delete key to delete it.


To receive these notifications, open TextExpander’s Preferences > Suggestions and check the suggest snippets option.

If you want to keep the suggests coming, but have fewer of them, drop the ones you know you don’t want, they’ll never come back. Don’t delete suggestions you really don’t want, they could come back as new suggested snippets.

If you don’t want to receive these notifications at all, uncheck the option. However, in version 5.0, you will still receive some notifications on your pending suggested snippets. We do plan to address this in the next update.

The future:

Now that this feature is out in the wild we’re getting great feedback. With some time to reflect, we’ll work on fine tuning the suggestions.

A few ideas we’re tossing around for future settings would allow users to set the minimum length of a suggestion, limit suggestions to phrases only, or to avoid suggestions that are dictionary words.


Keep your suggestions to us coming! Your feedback is invaluable in shaping TextExpander.