Brand Correction by TextExpander

Pop quiz:

  1. FaceBook or Facebook?
  2. Cafepress or CafePress?
  3. EverNote or Evernote?
  4. Rackspace or RackSpace


I can never remember which brands are CamelCase and which aren’t, and with TextExpander I don’t have to. Better yet, I’ve shared my group with other brand-challenged folks I know so that we can all improve the list together. With the new TextExpander, sharing a group is just a matter of entering someone’s email address:


Each user of the group can have Admin, Edit, and Share permissions. Those with Admin can alter permissions of any other user. Those with Edit can modify snippets and abbreviations in the group. Those with Share can share the group with other users. If a user has no permissions, they have read-only access to the group. That’s handy because I can share my Brands groups with others without permitting them to make changes.

Right now, my group is mostly my typical brand faux pas, and in time it will expand with contributions from others.

Brands List

Look through your groups and see which ones are helpful when shared with others, then share away.

PS It’s Facebook, CafePress, Evernote, and Rackspace, and TextExpander helped me get all of those right.