Access Tons of Snippets Easily Using Inline Search

Search Your Snippets

Whether you have just started growing your snippet library, or you have amassed an enormous library of thousands of snippets, gain quick access to all of them using TextExpander’s “Inline Search” hotkey.

There’s no need to memorize abbreviations or print out snippet groups and pin them to the wall. Just type a key word from one of your snippets, then hit the Inline Search hotkey.

I often send customers instructions on how to provide a screen shot, a handy item to have as a snippet, but I haven’t memorized the abbreviation for it. I simply type: screen, followed by the Inline Search hotkey, then I’m presented with a list of all snippets whose content, label, or abbreviation include “screen.” There are keyboard shortcuts for the first nine matches, allowing me to hit the shortcut and my snippet expands. It’s really easy for me to pick the right snippet for OS X and iOS screen shot instructions this way.


You can also use Inline Search by pressing the hotkey at any time then typing your search. The results will update immediately as you type. All you need is a key word or phrase to find and you can expand your snippet without memorizing anything. My tip to every TextExpander user, set up your Inline Search hotkey. Here’s how:

  1. Choose Preferences… from the TextExpander menu
  2. Click Hotkeys in the toolbar of the Preferences window
  3. Next to Inline Search, click Click to Set Hotkey
  4. Press your hotkey combination, for example Control + 1, Option + S
    Hotkey combinations must include Control, Option, Shift and/or Command
  5. Click OK

Set up your hotkey, try it out, then summon your forgotten snippets with ease.