How much time does TextExpander save me?

TextExpander helps you save time while typing and tracks how much of that precious time you save. Click on the Statistics button in the TextExpander toolbar to see how much time you’re saving:

TextExpander Statistics

You can set your typing speed to make the hours saved more accurate. If you’re a slow typist, like me, you’ll definitely want to do that, as it increases your time saved.

Be a bit competitive. Click the Tweet My Stats button, and compare how you’re doing with your followers on Twitter.

If you’re curious which snippets you use most often, choose View -> Sort by Most Used, and that will sort your groups so that the most recently used snippets are at the top. If the order seems backward, choose that menu item again, and it will reverse the sort order. Try Sort by Most Recently Used to see which snippets you’ve used lately.

The sort orders work within groups, but maybe you’d like to know your most used snippet from all of your snippet groups. For that, we’ll turn to AppleScript. Copy and paste this into Script Editor (an app found in Applications > Utilities), and click Run:

tell application “TextExpander”

set topSnippet to null

set topSnippetCount to 0

repeat with aGroup in groups

tell aGroup

repeat with aSnippet in snippets

if (use count of aSnippet) > topSnippetCount then

set topSnippetCount to (use count of aSnippet)

set topSnippet to aSnippet

end if

end repeat

end tell

end repeat

display dialog “Your top abbreviation is: ” & (abbreviation of topSnippet) & “, which you’ve expanded ” & (use count of topSnippet) & ” times to: ” & (plain text expansion of topSnippet) buttons {“OK”} default button “OK”

end tell

I hope you’re amused with my result:

Your top abbreviation is Tx, which you've expanded 15218 times to: TextExpander

Show us your top snippet on Twitter by ending your tweet with: @TextExpander #SnippetStats