New TextExpander—1st Anniversary

Maia Olson Blog, TextExpander

Happy Anniversary

Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of the new TextExpander.

One year ago today, April 5, 2016, we launched the new TextExpander with a shiny new app icon, new pricing model, a Windows app, a web app, and support for teams through robust sharing.

We want to thank all the customers who’ve joined us on this journey.

Here’s a wrap-up of some of what we’ve found and done along the way.

Customer achievements:

  • TextExpander customers save tens of thousands of hours every month
  • Over ⅓ of our customer base is on the new TextExpander
  • The average team on TextExpander has 12 users, each of whom gains an average of 4 hours of productivity per month, and many active users gain twice that—an entire 8 hour work day saved per month
  • Simple time savings falls short of expressing the gains in accuracy and consistency throughout a workday that so many customers experience


Creating our own backend for snippet storage has allowed us the flexibility to do some really neat things.

  • Individuals can share snippets peer-to-peer via an email address
  • Teams have more advanced sharing options and controls
  • All customers can discover and share groups with the community through Public Groups, or through a privately shared URL

New Features:

In the 12 months since the April 2016 launch with its subscription pricing, we’ve released 17 updates to TextExpander for Mac, compared with 7 updates the previous year. A few of those updates include: