Snipr / Snurl / Snipurl

David Chartier, Assistant Editor at Ars Technica, requested support for I was surprised to find that Snipr, Snurl, and Snipurl are all the same service. They will require registration as of December 31, 2008. Given that, I wrote a snippet which supports using these services as a registered user. Here’s what to do to install the new snippet:

  1. Download
  2. If Safari doesn’t automatically unzip it, then double-click to unzip it
  3. Launch System Preferences and select TextExpander
  4. Under the + menu, select Add Group from File…
  5. Check the box labeled Import as editable local copy:
  6. Locate the Snipr.textexpander file and press Open
  7. Click the disclosure triangle to the left of the new Snipr group
  8. Select the /snipr snippet
  9. Change mySnipUserID and mySnipAPI at the top to your own values (you can find the API value in your Snipr preferences)

Here’s how to use the new snippet:

  1. Copy a URL
  2. Click where you’d like the shortened URL to appear
  3. Type /snipr
  4. Voila ! The shortened URL will appear.

Happy Snipr-ing (or is it Snurl-ing or Snipurl-ing?)… Enjoy!