TextExpander 2.6 and Spanish Accents

We’ve just added support to TextExpander 2.6 to specify on a per-group basis when abbreviations will expand. The choices are to expand after:

  • Whitespace (the default / classic behavior)
  • All characters except letters & numbers (punctuation, etc.)
  • Any character

TextExpander user Miguel Brunell from Mexico helped develop an excellent use of the new “any character” option with snippets for Spanish accents. For example, one can type ~n for ñ or ‘i for í. If you type in Spanish, you may find this handy. For example, cigüeña is the word for “stork” in Spanish. Using TextExpander, you can type c-i-g-“-u-e-~-n-a and get: cigüeña! You can download Miguel’s snippets here:

https://smilesoftware.com/te/Spanish Accents.textexpander

Choose Add Group from File… from the + menu in TextExpander to add the downloaded snippet group.