TextExpander for macOS 6.5 beta

UPDATE (6-Feb-2019): We’ve decided to adopt 6.5 as the version number to better reflect the degree of change in this release. 6.5b18 is our fourth and likely final public beta.

Today, we’re excited to release our first beta of TextExpander for macOS 6.3 with a new and improved editing experience. You may have noticed that in TextExpander 6.2.7, we added a checkbox to the Updates preferences allowing you to opt in to beta updates. To try TextExpander for macOS 6.3:

  • Choose Preferences… from the TextExpander menu
  • Click on the Update icon in the toolbar of the Preferences window
  • Click on “Include beta builds”
  • Click the “Check Now” button

What’s new in TextExpander 6.3?

  • New editor with visual access to:
    • Dates
    • Times
    • Date math
    • Fill-ins
    • Popups
    • Keys
    • Cursor positioning
    • Clipboard
    • Insert / nest other snippets
  • Syntax highlighting for JavaScript
  • Other fixes and improvements

Here’s a visual comparison of the new editor versus the old:


You can see how much easier it is to use fill-ins and popups than before!

Power users will also find that they can now use % and : in a fill-in or popup.

TextExpander 6.3 normalizes formatted snippets, so please note that formatted snippets with utterly random pasted-in HTML will lose some of the non-standard HTML formatting.

We expect to offer updates to the 6.3 beta roughly weekly. We expect to follow with a TextExpander for Windows 1.7 beta with the new editor soon.

We welcome your feedback. Please note that you’re using the beta, preferably referencing the version number at the bottom of the about box.