TextExpander Gets Better: Percent signs, colons, and macros oh my!

Greg Scown Blog, TextExpander

Here’s a case where bringing visual macro editing to TextExpander allowed us to make TextExpander better than before.

If you’re a TextExpander macro veteran, you know that the syntax for creating macros treats the percent sign (%) and the colon (:) as special characters. If you’re not a macro veteran, stick with me through the rest, as it’s interesting.

Let’s say you want to create a macro which includes a popup for selecting the type of URL among http, https, and mailto. Ideally, the URL type and proper punctuation would appear within the popup, followed by a fill-in for the details. Until now, this wasn’t possible because colon (:) is both part of the proper punctuation and it’s a special character in TextExpander macros.

With the new visual snippet editor, it’s as easy as pie.

  • Insert a Popup Menu fill-in

  • Complete the popup menu fill-in editor as follows:


  • Insert a single-line text field

  • Set the abbreviation

Expand, like so:


It may not seem like much, but this is something our users have asked for, and we’re absolutely thrilled to deliver it with the new TextExpander snippet editor.

If you haven’t had a chance, check out this version, it’s easier to use than ever.