TextExpander Gets Better: Dates in Fill-ins, Cumulative Date Math

TextExpander’s new visual snippet editor allows date and time macros within fill-ins, and date math is now cumulative. Let’s explore.

Date and Time Macros in Fill-ins

You can set up a popup fill-in with date macros in the options. Select the date macros from the menu just above the options to the right. Here’s an example:


This expands to:


Add date- and time-related context to your fill-ins with the new snippet editor.

Nested Date Math

Until now, each time you applied a date math macro, it would reset any previous ones. This made it impossible to do something such as adding one month and three days.

With the new visual editor, date math is cumulative, so it’s trivial to do that:


I’m writing on February 6, 2019, so this expands to:

March 9, 2019

If you want to reset the date math to the date at the time of expansion, choose “Reset Adjustment” from the bottom of the date math menu.

These are two more ways the new visual editor makes TextExpander better.