TextExpander: How Much Time Have We Saved?

TextExpander time saved - Jean
TextExpander time saved - Philip
TextExpander time saved - Greg

posted some interesting personal information today: a screenshot how much time she has saved by using TextExpander. So far she’s saved 1.54 hours. For her, that’s worth at least the price of $29.95. By total coincidence, Philip, Greg and I were talking about that yesterday, as we were discussing features for TextExpander 2 (more on that next week!). I found out my stats are pitiful compared to Greg and Philip. Here’s our screenshots: Jean: Philip (his would be higher if his mother board hadn’t gotten fried a while back): Greg (the winner!): Can anybody top Greg? Send your screenshot to me at jean@smileonmymac.com. Let us know how you racked up the hours and what you’re doing with all that time you saved! We’ll post the entries on the blog. So what am I going to do with my time saved? A post at the Literature and Latte forum has an interesting suggestion:

… according to TextExpander, I’ve saved almost three hours by not writing out names. Let’s see, three hours of my life returned to me… and one cigarette costs me one minute of my life… divided by twenty cigarettes a pack…

But I’m coming up on my tenth anniversary of quitting, so that won’t do. Can I eat some extra chocolate cake instead? (Let’s see: 6.94 hours of stationary bike = 3310 calories = 13.9 pieces of chocolate cake…)