TextExpander HTML Snippet File Updated

using the arrow keys, and then it will be as if the .com is coming at the beginning of a word. I was planning to issue an update next week, but here it is Saturday morning. I’m doing my usual Saturday morning thing: working out at the gym while listening to podcasts. I’m catching MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte & Co., when I hear the familiar little “pop” sound of TextExpander. “Cute,” I think, “They’re using TextExpander.” Then Leo says “I’m really mad.”

TextExpander shipped out HTML entity abbreviations and one of them is .co, and everytime I type .com now in my browser, it replaces it with the entity for copyright. It’s driving me crazy.


Ack! I practically fall of the stationary bike. I know what I’ll be doing when I get home, and it’s not jumping in the shower. (At least not right away.) The revised HTML snippet file is now available. The abbreviation for © has been changed from “.c” to “.copy”. It’s not a huge savings in terms of keystrokes (one to be exact), but at least it won’t conflict with a commonly-typed combination of characters. I also updated the combined snippet file, which has both HTML and Autocorrection snippets. Besides fixing the “.c” problem in this file, I also reversed the order so that the HTML snippets appear before the Autocorrect snippets, on the theory that you’re more likely to want to review HTML snippets you can use than spelling errors you may or may not make. Look, despite my stint in Geekcorps, I’ve never claimed to be a geek. My apologies to Leo and everyone else who was plagued by the unwanted “pop”. It’s a pretty safe bet that Philip and Greg are not going to hand over any coding projects to me anytime soon. OK, now it’s time for that shower.