TextExpander: The Sound of Productivity

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regular contributor of TextExpander tips, found out. From his blog, in which the TJ household has finally upgraded from dial-up internet:

So I’m sitting on the bed with my laptop, and Tracey is working on the Desktop. We’ve been here for several hours — in fact I don’t remember the last time Tracey was up this late.A few minutes ago she turned around and said “What’s that noise?”We then had the to-be-expected conversation of me asking What Noise? followed by her trying to imitate the sound and then me mocking her. She claimed the sound was coming from my computer. I told her it was all in her head.I thought it was over until a few minutes later she said, “Right there! That noise! What was that?!?!”“Oh” I thought, realizing exactly what it was (and that her impression of it wasn’t all that bad, I just no longer “heard” it because I was used to it…It’s the sound TextExpander plays by default when you use a shortcut.
TJ suggests one might want to disable that sound in TextExpander Preferences in the interests of domestic tranquility.Maybe she needs a copy of TextExpander of her very own — then she’ll come to associate that sound with the pleasure of having saved time and energy. grin