TextExpander: TidBITS AutoCorrect Dictionary


TidBITS AutoCorrect Dictionary contains over 2400 misspellings that TextExpander can automatically correct. Adam Engst, TidBITS publisher, and Micah Alpern put this massive resource together for a MacHack conference years ago. They originally created it for Eudora Mail users, but put it into the public domain so others could use it. Taking our cue from Ergonis Software, which released a version for use with Typinator, we decided to make a TextExpander-friendly version available as well. This dwarfs our current autocorrection offering, which I compiled last year. That file contains about 100 of the most common misspellings. The TidBITS file is exhaustive – it has 15 variants of misspelling just the word “necessary.” I’m sure there will be a lot of users who want to avail themselves of this industrial strength correcting, but I’m going to stick to using the original file myself. I just don’t want to load thousands of snippets into TextExpander. Of course, as the erstwhile spelling champion of Ojus Elementary School, maybe I don’t need quite so many correction snippets.