TextExpander tip: Auto-Correct Your Typos

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“i” before “e” except after “c” — if you have trouble remembering this rule, you might be interested in the free autocorrection snippet file [note: this is now found using Add Predefined Group -> AutoCorrect Snippets under the + menu in TextExpander] we released today. It contains over 100 common typos and misspelled words.The misspellings and typos are set up as “abbreviations” that get replaced by their correct versions. You can also add your own most common typing and spelling errors; just add the error to your abbreviation list with the correction as the snippet content.The file has some non-spelling typos in it too; “andthe” or “itis” get expanded to “and the” and “it is”. For those whose pinky finger never quite stretches to the apostrophe, “couldnt” and “shouldnt” will be corrected too.Download the file and follow the steps posted to link it to TextExpander. And then stop worrying about whether “e” comes before or after the “i” in receipt.