TextExpander tip: In Excel, Triple Click Does the Trick

When using TextExpander in Excel, TextExpander seems to keep the abbreviation that was typed in a cell and then enter the snippet four cells over from where the abbreviation was entered. Seems to work the came whether or not the “restore clipboard” option is selected. Is there another preference to help with this problem? TextExpander Support (in this case, Greg) stumbled onto the answer:

Try triple-clicking the empty cell rather than single or double clicking and see if the snippet expands correctly.

David confirmed it does work, and even explained why:

You are correct, triple-clicking does work. I have had to use this technique for other things, and it didn’t dawn on me to use it here. Instead of inserting text into a cell (which is what happens if you just click on the cell), you are editing a cell (which is what triple-clicking does) and then entering the information. This now works like you would expect.