TextExpander Tip: Roll Your Own Site Search

Another tip from Tim in Ohio, who contributed Organize your abbreviations by context:

Ever find a website that doesn’t have a search function? For me that site is Palm Addicts. Problem is that I can never remember the URL, and even if I could, that’s a lotta typing. Google will let you restrict their results to a website by adding “site:domain.here” such as “site:palmaddict.typepad.com” to your search string.

I have a TextExpander shortcut “/spa” (Search Palm Addicts). I enter it in the Google search field and it expands to: %| site:palmaddict.typepad.com %| (percentage and pipe character) tells TextExpander to reposition the cursor at the beginning, so I can enter the search string at the beginning without having to manually move the cursor. I type in the word “calendar” and Google shows me all the Palm Addict pages that have the word “calendar” in them.

This would be useful even if a site had a search function. You could skip the steps of 1) going to the web site, 2) tabbing to the search box and 3) entering your search term just go right to the Google search field in your browser and enter your TextExpander abbreviation.