TextExpander tip: Save Time on HTML Coding

new external snippet file for TextExpander. This file features over 60 HTML tags and special characters that can be inserted using short abbreviations. If you like to do your HTML code, this file could save you lots of time. Once you install it, you just have to type ,h1 and TextExpander will automatically insert


The cursor will even be positioned in the right place! It was an interesting challenge to put these snippets together. The AutoCorrect snippet file was easier to do. All the “abbreviations” are common misspellings. For the HTML tags, it was necessary to come up with an abbreviation system that would be memorable and useful. We decided to use the comma as the leading character for all the HTML tag abbreviations. Why? Because it’s the same key as the left angle bracket (<)! Another subjective factor is which tags to include and exclude. We didn’t want to file to be huge, so you might find your favorite HTML tag is not on the list. So this is a work-in-progress. All feedback is welcome! Thanks to everyone who helped me pull this together, especially TJ, Edward, and Frank!