TextExpander touch Week—20-80% off

Touch 3

TextExpander 3 + custom keyboard is discounted this week.

$0.99 on Tuesday, March 17th

$1.99 on Wednesday, March 18th

$2.99 on Thursday, March 19th

$3.99 on Friday, March 20th

Hurry and Buy it Today for the best price.

To get all you productivity fiends (and others who wanna save a little time) typing faster we are discounting our typing shortcut tool for iPad and iPhone.

With TextExpander you can create a library of text “snippets” so that instead of typing out “Talk to you later!” or “myname@mycompanyname.email.com” you can save your keystrokes and type a short abbreviation and have the same result. Type “ttyl” and what appears on screen is “Talk to you later!” Easy.

Check out our videos for how to get started.