TextExpander Tip of the Week: Typos, AutoCorrections and Double Capitals

Fix Your Typos

In the course of typing, your fingers may fumble. Whether conscious or accidental, there are a variety of ways your fingers can and will jumble your words. TextExpander has several solutions for correcting your little typing errors.

Accidental Double Capitals

Capital letters begin sentences and proper nouns, as well as occur in the middle of some of your favorite brands (YouTube, MailChimp, GitHub). Fast fingers may type the capital letter correctly, but if the assistant finger doesn’t leave the Shift key in sync, you may end up with two CApital LEtters instead of one. There’s a preference to help with that, called Eliminate Double Capitals, in TextExpander for Mac.

  1. From the TextExpander menubar open the Preferences (Command+Comma) to the Options tab.
  2. In the Double Capitals section select one of the top two options: Eliminate double capitals at the start of a sentence, or at the start of any word.

You can also restrict this action to the apps where you want it. You may have special syntax you want left alone, such as in a specific text editor or IDE.

As for the brand names with capitals in the middle, we have a snippet group for that already. Just use our Brand Names group, found in Public Groups.

AutoCorrect Everywhere

When writing in Word, or Pages, you’ll find each has a nice autocorrect library built-in. Many writing apps do. But what about when you’re not in a writing app? TextExpander offers several free autocorrect groups. These will function everywhere you can type on your Mac or PC.

Check out our Autocorrect groups in English, French and German in Public Groups. There’s also a huge and comprehensive group of more than 2000 common misspellings provided by TidBITs.

Personal Typos

Having a ready-made autocorrect group to support you is good, but doesn’t cover everything. Should your fingers choose to stumble on an uncommon misspelling, then what?

For typos unique to your fingers, you can create your own group of snippets to correct them. For example, our TextExpander Team shares an autocorrect group for all the ways it is possible to misspell the names of our company and our apps. There are plenty of people in the world to misspell your app’s name, you shouldn’t be one of them.

Create a snippet for a typo:

  1. Create a new snippet from the button in the menubar at the top of the TextExpander window.
  2. In the Abbreviation field type in the misspelling. For example “Text Expander” (the incorrect spelling)
  3. In the Content field type in the correct spelling. For example “TextExpander” (the correct way to go!)

We suggest you create a new group for your typos to keep them organized.

  1. From the TextExpander menubar choose the New Group button.
  2. Name the group something helpful, such as “My AutoCorrections” or “Typos.Me” if you like dot notation.
  3. In the Groups list on the left side of the TextExpander window, drag and drop your snippet into the new group.

You now have a functioning snippet. Whenever you run across another of your own typos, just add it to the group.

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