SOMM on the Typical Mac User Podcast

Victor Cajiao interviews me for the Typical Mac User Podcast, episode 108. We chat about the company and our products. Victor is a big fan of BrowseBack (he calls it “Time Machine for Web Browsing”) and says that TextExpander has changed his life. Victor’s running a contest for copies of DiscLabel, TextExpander and PDFpen, so… Read More »

We're Ready for Leopard!

We released three updates tonight: TextExpander 2.0.3, BrowseBack 1.4.1, and PhotoPrinto 2.1.1. These updates add Leopard compatibility, and are free for registered users. We had already updated our other products for Leopard: PDFpen 3.3, DiscLabel 4.4.1, and PageSender 4.1. As always, if you have any problems, just get in touch with our friendly (and prompt!)… Read More »

Interview with

Philip Goward is interviewed on, a European podcast, available in French, German, Spanish and English. (This interview is in English.) Philip talks about the new TextExpander 2.0, the newly-announced SDK for third-party developers on the iPhone, and more. You can download the podcast from, or listen to it in iTunes via this link.… Read More »

Smileworthy: SpamSieve

For the second entry in our new “Smileworthy” category, in which we highlight software we like and use from other software companies, we chose SpamSieve. Like our first entry, LaunchBar, Philip, Greg and I all use this. It is another application we would not want to live without. SpamSieve will keep your email inbox nearly… Read More »

DiscLabel 4.2 features

Effects feature. All it needs is an image selected and the effects button pressed: You can start with an single photo of your loved one and really transform them like the following… Individual effects can be combined easily, and the effects reordered. So if you are searching for that perfect background image for a CD,… Read More »