Smileworthy: SpamSieve

For the second entry in our new “Smileworthy” category, in which we highlight software we like and use from other software companies, we chose SpamSieve. Like our first entry, LaunchBar, Philip, Greg and I all use this. It is another application we would not want to live without. SpamSieve will keep your email inbox nearly… Read More »

TextExpander: TidBITS AutoCorrect Dictionary

TidBITS AutoCorrect Dictionary contains over 2400 misspellings that TextExpander can automatically correct. Adam Engst, TidBITS publisher, and Micah Alpern put this massive resource together for a MacHack conference years ago. They originally created it for Eudora Mail users, but put it into the public domain so others could use it. Taking our cue from Ergonis… Read More »

Smileworthy: LaunchBar

LaunchBar from Objective Development. All three of us use LaunchBar and none of us can imagine using a Mac without it. With LaunchBar, you can instantly access applications, documents and information from most anywhere on your hard drive. When I think how I used to go to the Finder, open a window, click on the… Read More »

TextExpander: The Sound of Productivity

regular contributor of TextExpander tips, found out. From his blog, in which the TJ household has finally upgraded from dial-up internet: So I’m sitting on the bed with my laptop, and Tracey is working on the Desktop. We’ve been here for several hours — in fact I don’t remember the last time Tracey was up… Read More »

TextExpander: Survey says…

TextExpander survey! I expected that–we know you love TextExpander and have lots of opinions on how it can be even more useful. We’ve pulled together an excellent list of new features we’re going to work on. Of course the list is top secret, but I can tell you that as a TextExpander user myself, I… Read More »